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Between Research and Practice

The International Research Unit for Multilingualism (IFM) was founded by Prof. Claudia M. Riehl, who holds the chair of German Linguistics with a focus on German as a Foreign Language. Prof. Riehl is currently the head of the research unit and of the Institute for German as a Foreign Language at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.


Multilingualism is an important resource in our globalized world. It is an essential asset for both the individual and for society. In contrast to Central Europe, multilingualism is the default case in many other regions of the world.

However, there are only a few institutes in Europe that explicitly deal with multilingualism from an academic perspective, since research is mainly carried out in individual philologies. The International Research Unit for Multilingualism aims to close this research gap in the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, it seeks to establish a strong network with individuals and institutions both in the educational and private sector.