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In 2022 we founded the association IFM e.V.

The purpose of the association of the International Research Center for Multilingualism (IFM e.V.) is to facilitate science, research and education in the field of multilingualism and migration within the framework of the three guiding principles: Research-Implementation-Communication. Particular attention is paid to the organization of events in science and society, which serve to further education and sensitization for the topics of multilingualism and migration.

The chairmen of the board are:

Prof. Claudia M. Riehl, Dr. Anne-Katharina Harr, Dr. Nicole Weidinger, Dr. Nikolas Koch, Andrea Wünsch, Andréa Menescal Heath and Johanna Holzer.

We would be delighted if you would support us with your membership. Your membership gives you discounts on counseling hours, parent seminars and further training.