International Research Unit for Multilingualism

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Using shared knowledge and creating concepts, methods, and programs via:

  • Establishment of a close network for information exchange between institutions, organizations, and companies
  • Development and implementation of training programs and teaching strategies for individual or group courses (for children, adolescents and adults) in the field of German as a foreign and second language
  • Offer of advanced scientific training in multilingual research for students as part of an internship
  • Exploring interests and uses for businesses, the political field, and society for the conception of new research projects
  • Seminars, lectures and workshops


    The IFM coordinators and representatives will be happy to advise you (students, parents, teachers, institutions, and stakeholders) on the subject of multilingualism and where it can benefit you. more

  • Research Internship

    Lexika, Wörterbücher

    Every semester, the International Research Center for Multilingualism offers internships in which students can gain meaningful experience in research and event management. more