International Research Unit for Multilingualism

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Using shared knowledge and creating concepts, methods, and programs via:

  • Establishment of a close network for information exchange between institutions, organizations, and companies
  • Development and implementation of training programs and teaching strategies for individual or group courses (for children, adolescents and adults) in the field of German as a foreign and second language
  • Offer of advanced scientific training in multilingual research for students as part of an internship
  • Exploring interests and uses for businesses, the political field, and society for the conception of new research projects
  • Consultation


    The IFM coordinators and representatives will be happy to advise you (students, parents, teachers, institutions, and stakeholders) on the subject of multilingualism and where it can benefit you. more

  • Students4Refugees


    This project is aimed at refugees who have studied, or planned to study, in their home country. It combines classic German lessons and joint activities with German-speaking students either in-person or via digital communication. more

  • Research Internship

    Lexika, Wörterbücher

    Every semester, the International Research Center for Multilingualism offers internships in which students can gain meaningful experience in research and event management. more